Primary school leads conversations with local MP in call to save our planet

Year 3 pupils at Lightwoods Primary Academy, in Oldbury, recently welcomed Black Country MP John Spellar, who met with pupils in response to letters written by the children as part of their lessons around environmentalism.

In their letters, pupils expressed their concerns about the detrimental impacts of climate change and pollution on local and global scales, urging Spellar to help in their campaign for a brighter, healthier planet.

During his visit, the MP shared his role in government and how parliament creates plans aimed at addressing environmental concerns. He emphasised the important role that future generations have to play, proving a valuable reminder that everyone has the power to make a difference, no matter how small.

The session concluded with a question-and-answer session where pupils asked a range of thought-provoking questions, demonstrating an impressive level of passion and knowledge about the environment and climate change.

John Spellar commented: It was fantastic to meet such enthusiastic, bright young people who impressed me with their knowledge and concern for such an important issue.

These children are our future, and I can see that we will be in safe hands with them, but in the meantime, I will continue to work hard for them and to look after our environment.”

Lightwoods Primary Academy is committed to promoting environmental awareness and proactively teaches children about the importance of preserving our planet, beginning with the local community.

The school takes great pride in its mission to empower children to make a positive and purposeful contribution to the world they live in. As part of this, the school has its own Eco-Warriors, a team of student volunteers who have a love for the environment, helping staff and peers to become more eco-friendly.

Vice Principal at Lightwoods Primary Academy, Wendy Jackson, expressed her appreciation for Spellar’s visit and the encouragement it has given pupils.

She said: “At Lightwoods, we are passionate about developing our pupils’ understanding of the world and empowering them to make a positive and purposeful contribution to the world they live in.

“We firmly believe that education extends beyond the classroom which is why it was wonderful to welcome the Rt Hon John Spellar, a distinguished Member of Parliament, to our school so that our children can share their thoughts and experience democracy in action.”